Skilled in the following:


It's more than just a logo--a fancy squiggle and some text. It's you, the name, feeling, position, and image of what you think makes you better than your competitor. If you're looking for just an amped version of something you drew on a napkin--I can do that, but that's not the point. It's answering the question of who you are and in the process becoming unique.

This is a no brain-er: If you offer a product or service, you need to be on the web. If you're on the web and your site looks like something from 1993, there's a problem. Membership databases, web applications, site analytics, funny functions, hip layouts? I say, "no problemo."

With careful Market Research and Creative Planning, an action plan can be made that will outline what can be beneficial to you and your brand. There’s a wide variety of avenues you can take: Direct mail, ads in publications, online banner ads, sponsorships, new media, swag, etc. Not only do I understand common marketing practices and distribution techniques, I also have a skill for discovering unusual ways of getting out there.

It's a means to deliver a message and have people respond and interact with it. Bottom line is it can help you make money. This can be as time intensive as you want it to be, but I’m going to warn you of something: I haven't checked my account in over seven years. Does that make me a bad person?